Wholesale & Partnarship

Welcome to EASVEN!

If you would like to carry EASVEN in your store or partner with us, please send us an application, or contact us directly.


New Wholesale Customers

To be considered for an EASVEN wholesale account, please email all of the following information to: hello@easven.com

  • Your store's name.
  • The store(s) address where you would like to sell EASVEN products.
  • The name of the primary contact and her / his phone number.
  • Photos of your store.
  • Other brands that you currently carry.
  • A brief description of your business, product mix, and customers.
  • Your primary interest in our product line beddings, pillows etc.
  • Your website address (if applicable).

We will generally follow up on your application within 3 business days. 

Thank you for your time and your interest in carrying EASVEN products!