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Sit-Easy With EASVEN’s JellyPad

Sit-Easy With EASVEN’s JellyPad

The latest gel seat cushion comes with no slip polka-dot design that combines maximum support and comfort while reducing stress. You can sit for ages without feeling tired.


The Jelly PolkaDot cushion is designed for marathon sitting, alleviating backaches and discomforts. Users with backache, thigh pain, vertebra pain, haemorrhoid pain will find the cushion especially helpful.

JellyPad View


Features and Benefits

  • Creative Dotted Pressure Relief
    The density of the TPE material produces 200+ pounds of pressure relief.  Sitting pressure and aches are reduced. The stress on the tail vertebrae when sitting for long hours alleviated.
    Dot design

  • Great breathability & super practicality
    Built with a breathable mesh and imbued with a grid design, the cushions provide breathability. Bid farewell to heat and humidity! Keep yourself dry and comfortable.
    Core & Cover

  • Excellent flexibility & quick rebound
    TPE elastomer material molds to the sitting shape, so that the hips can be well supported. At the same time, the tenacity of the TPE elastomer material gives support throughout the whole body, reducing the pressure on the blood vessels. A perfect fit.

  • Ergonomic design & relieve pain
    The Jelly PolkaDot cushion includes pressure dispersion and release through its dotted pattern. Body pressure is distributed equally throughout the cushion.

  • Portable for travel & environmentally friendly
    The polka-dot cushion can be used on office seats, driving seats, or even on picnics, taking care of your health all the time.
    Sit-easy with JellyPad

  • Durable & long-lasting
    The TPE elastomer material is resilient, retains its shape, and can continue its good performance even after many years of use


  • Easy cleaning & hygiene
    The Jelly PolkaDot cushion and its cover are fully washable, which is convenient and quick. Sit easy and safe!

  • Intimate design of cushion cover, breathable and non-slip
    Breathable and soft fabric is used on the sitting side to maintain breathability and comfort. On the flip-end, anti-slip plastic drip cloth is used to make the seat cushion stick with the seat ensuring no-slip.

    JellyPad design   


JellyPad Core:  100%TPE    

JellyPad Cover:  100% Polyester

Design:  Cooling PolkaDot Seat Cushion

Colour:  Blue       

Size:  420mm x 370mm x 20mm

Weight:  1.1Kg  


Washing and Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash for the core pad
  • Low temperature machine washing for the cover
  • Dry flat
  • Do not wring
  • Do not bleach
  • No ironing
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight


Click SHOP NOW to order. Seat-Easy with EASVEN’s JellyPad for your wellbeing!

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