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JellyPillow™ Originals

Our amazing Asian's first jelly pillow! The revolution of the pillows! The sleek and innovative design provides comfort like never before, giving you a whole new sleeping experience.


  • Jelly Pillow is designed for the people who needs the quality sleeping, and care for the neck.
  • Pressure-less pillow with softness, support, pressure relief, ventilation, safety and durability.
  • Made of cosmetic grade TPE to make it more skin-friendly, it’s non-toxic and harmless. It can be used safely. 



        Why JellyPillow (TPE Pillow) is Outstanding?


        JellyPillow Attributes

        Memory Foam Pillow Attributes

        Elastomer mesh

        The pressure relief mesh can dynamically release pressure according to the structure of your body, so that your body is stress-free all night, and you won’t feel pain when you wale up in the morning. 


        Sleep cool

        The pressure relief mesh allows air to flow freely bottom or around the pillow, keeping you cool and comfortable overnight. 


        Lasting  comfort

        The pressure relief mesh is made of TPE materials, which had long-lasting performance and is not easy to age.


        Memory foam material

        The memory foam material will be heating aging. The more heat your body has, the more active the cells are. So memory foam will warm and collapse more under pressure, and it provides buffer will be less. 


        Sleep muggy

        Memory foam is often used as an insulating material due to its insulating ability. It is a closed-cell polyurethane foam that is not easily ventilated. It also produces a stuffy sleep experience.


        Long-term degradation

        Memory foam is prone to aging and hardening during use, and even degrades to produce harmful substances.