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A Cool Summer with EASVEN's Arctic Breeze Collection - Icy Cooling Quilt

A Cool Summer with EASVEN's Arctic Breeze Collection - Icy Cooling Quilt

EASVEN’s new addition, Arctic Breeze Collection - Icy Cooling Quilt in three paired colours! A single quilt has two colours using double sides. This new collection aims to bring you a cooler summer


Brief intro of the Polyamide material

Using the Polyamide material of Japan's NaturalCool physical cooling technology, this fabric can instantly absorb heat away from bodily surfaces and achieve a rapidly cooling effect. At the same time, Polyamide has good thermal conductivity. Having come in contact with the air, the heat in the material is quickly conducted away!

Polyamide absorbs human body heat, and then quickly dissipates it through the thermal conductivity of the fabric, cooling down instantly. Tested by authoritative institutions, the coefficient of contact coldness (W/c㎡) is reported to reach 36.6.

In recent years, the effectiveness of this fabric has increased popularity in fashion industries. Consumers have gradually begun to appreciate the characteristics of Polyamide. It is now becoming a must-have item for the summer!



New nano-cooling technology

Innovative nano-cooling technology for a better user experience, EASVEN's new cooling quilt brings you a cooler summer, provides an icy feeling perfect for the hot weather. Developed from Japan’s nano-cooling fiber technology, the quilt has fibers that are made specifically to dispel heat. This helps you to cool quickly, with a cooling metric value of 0.366.

Robust Thermal Conductivity

Given its robust thermal conductivity, the fabric also retains enough moisture but remains highly breathable. This makes it further effective in dispelling bodily heat. 

Baby-like Delicate Care

Tested and certified by authorities, the fabric has attained an ‘A’ standard for infantile safety. The soft and silky texture of the fabric will provide you baby-like delicate care.

Special Anti-bacterial Fibers

The filling is made with special anti-bacterial fibers, which can effectively prevent the formation of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Escherichia Coli, Candida etc. It’s good for protecting sensitive skins. We make sure you are living healthy and clean.  

Moisture Absorption and Ventilation

Efficient moisture absorption and ventilation bringing you a refreshing sleep experience. EASVEN's cooling fiber adopts a specially shaped cross-section that passes through a specifically added surface area. It can quickly absorb the water and humidity emitted by the human body by using the capillary effect, preventing stickiness and avoiding a sultry sensation. No more summer heat and sweat with EASVEN bedding to keep your skin dry! 

Fine Workmanship

EASVEN's cooling quilt’s filler is directly stitched to the quilt piping, which prevents filling from falling out. The edges are also stitched with high-quality threads, ensuring the integrity of the quilt. Fine workmanship is our attitude. 

Suitable for All Occasions

Use at home, bring for travelling, camping and on the road, in the car. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for all occasions.



Icy Cooling Quilt In three paired colors:

  • Celadon Green & Hemp Grey
  • Sea Blue & Hemp Grey
  • Sakura Pink & Cream Jade



Shell: 100% Polyamide Fibre

Fillier: 75% Modified Polyester Fibre (antibacterial), 25% Polyester Fibre

Total Weight: Single 1.5kg/ Queen 2.2kg



Single: 150cm x 200cm (Suitable for Single / Super Single / Double bed)

Queen: 200cm x 230cm (Suitable for Queen / King bed)


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