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Enjoy a luxurious summer with our top range, silk-touch Tencel Bedding

Enjoy a luxurious summer with our top range, silk-touch Tencel Bedding

We are announcing two new vibrant Tencel colors Pine Green and Rouge Almond. The colour embodies the hopeful, ever-in-motion characteristic of nature. Lightness and quiet strength behind vegetation is its inspiration. These two colours paint a vivid, natural texture that is unlike any other. The long-awaited colour tone is the first of its kind in Pine Green. Just like nature’s tenacity, it represents an oasis in the desert. Its charm and elegance will open a thriving atmosphere for relaxation and creativity! 

  • Back to nature
  • Simplicity is not simple
  • Relaxed and comfortable
  • Soft and comfortable, the mood is healed at this moment
  • Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
  • The future is the most expensive luxury in the nature
  • Lost yourself in nature and find peace

Pine Green

We designed Pine Green as we wanted to honor the lessons behind nature. What may seem simple and even taken-for-granted reveals values that would allow us to thrive, body and soul. Plants and nature may seem quiet, but they are relaxed in their growth.

There is no need to place haste, to rush or quicken what is a very natural process. Growth will happen in its own time, and the results are simply phenomenal.

With Pine Green, we wanted to layer a colour that would invite ease. Made to be a healing and an empowering colour, it reflects our belief that nature presents the understanding we need for living.

Inspiration green

Luxury in nature is really its ability to provide a beautiful future. Just like that, we believe our bedding’s luxury is cognizant in its ability to give you a restful night’s sleep for your health and future. Lose your resistance to our Peace and Love Quilt in Pine Green.

 Summer day

Summer days are long, nights are short, and the heat is unbearable. It is difficult to fall asleep and hard-working folks find this especially uncomfortable. Hustle mode, endless meetings, plans, and customer requests... In this state, we need to ensure optimal comfort and rest. Sleep and rest is a precious event. How can we ensure our quality of sleep in a limited time?


Our solution: "Future Fabrics" - Tencel

Pine Green

Smooth and delicate, soft and comfortable, Tencel drapes across the bed refreshingly. Silky smooth in texture, it’s porous and keeps you dry, allowing your skin to breathe more freely.

After Tencel is discarded, the fabric and fibres can be biodegraded and composted – completely "returning to nature”.

Enjoy the feeling of sleeping on Tencel by melting in its delicate care. Imagine your bed to be as enveloping as the forest floor. Wake up after a deep sleep, with your body and mind relaxed and content. Your days are filled with energy and vitality.

Providing an effortless sense of luxury, Tencel is like a cicada wing floating in the summer breeze, inviting a sense of complete ease and holding no inhibitions for your rest.


Launch in July 2021, Nature Breeze Collection - Tencel Bedding New Colours


Fabric: Made from 100% Austria Lyocell TENCEL™ Fiber

Filler (For Peace & Love Quilt): 100% Polyester Fiber (antibacterial)


Top range 100S LF Lyocell TENCEL™ Fiber Pine Green – Rendezvous/slumber in the deep forest

Why Pine Green?

Pine Green

This shade allows for tones of exception and distinction. For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by green. I’ve always believed that a deep, baritone shade of the colour would open the space to a feeling of luxurious calm, warmth and even excitement.

This tone of green – Pine Green – is unique. It’s easy to pair with other colours to bring forth a luxurious and elegant composition. When this pine green was finally developed, I marvelled at its layers and immediately felt that it had a feeling of high-living. Akin to a pot of tea, the more you let it sit and take in the surroundings, the better, more excellent it becomes. This is the standard of colour we hold at EASVEN for all our products.

Inspiration for Pine Green

pine green

Representing the vitality of plants, pine green relaxes and enlivens the space it’s in. Reminiscent of the fresh air in forests, it inspires one to take a deep and refreshing breath, which works to appeal and rejuvenate moods. Being a naturally energizing colour, pine green paired with simple ornaments will easily become the centre of attention, with its rich tones and gentle hues. It feels deep thoughts and cares with the noble and interesting soul.

Matching Pine Green:

Modernity and cleanliness, Pine Green matches well with white and grey. With this combination, the space is accentuated, dimensions are layered.

Or create a warm and cozy feeling, by combining pine green with wooden hues.

Like our beautiful forests, pine green inspires serenity. A deep, restful sleep is sure to ensue.


Top range 100S LF Lyocell TENCEL™ Fiber Rouge Almond – The Sunset in Your Bedroom 

Rouge Almond 

Colours Rouge and Almond mix well. Together, their combined colour gives bright and generous undertones. When cleverly matched, rouge almond brings about unexpected effects. Exuding elegance with its exquisite texture, our Tencel bedding in Rouge Almond highlights the soft and refined elements of high-fashion. Its’ rich layers will settle your mood and prove as the favoured visual experience.

Rouge Almond – The Sunset in Your Bedroom


Rouge Almond

Mimicking intermediate colours in the sunset, Rouge Almond’s arrangement and combination resembles what you feel as you gaze at the thinning auburn horizon – sweet and warm. Capturing the feeling of watching the sunset in bed while enjoying a slow life, what this shade provides is that decadently restful evening after a long day.

Rouge Almond in the bedroom:

Rouge almond in the bedroom

Rouge Almond eases a dash of colour in your bedroom. Suitable for bright personalities, it is easily compatible with other colours for an unexpectantly pleasant match.

Besides variety, it also provides a sense of modernity, sophistication and luxury given its rich tones.

This trendy colour is great for stimulating the environment, but also easy on the eyes.

The colour is perfectly situated between the red to orange shifted tones of the sun. This unique tone invites warmth and nostalgia into your room.

It is Sunset in Your Bedroom. Treat your loved ones to a luxurious summer!


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