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Have a peaceful night's sleep with our JellyBebe for your little ones

Have a peaceful night's sleep with our JellyBebe for your little ones

JellyPillow™ JellyBebe I Original


Introducing JellyBebe; baby version of our JellyPillow. A soft yet substantial pressure-relief pillow designed specifically for your precious baby. We are here to help you to take care of your baby’s neck health and head contour since young!


Great for neck support, the JellyBebe is child-safe and breathable.



Butterfly-shaped pressure relief for you to slip into a comfortable night’s sleep. 


  • Breathable and non-stuffy
  • Anti-fouling after washing
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Skin-friendly

Is your child unable to sleep well? This must affect you and your partner’s rest, and affect your baby’s long-term health too!

It may be for the following reasons that your child is not sleeping well:

  • Hot and sweaty, the standard pillow is not breathable
  • Prickly heat with red spots and unhygienic pillows
  • Tossing over and over due to an uncomfortable pillow


Have you ever dreamt of a pillow that is breathable and easy to clean? Wait no more! Our new JellyBebe is light and easy to handle making it suitable for your baby to play around with comfortably!

The whole pillow can also be cleaned, which is important to prevent bacteria colonies when babies are still more vulnerable. So, DON’T WORRY about saliva and perspiration from active kids and Singapore’s humid weather, it can all be washed away!



The grid design of our JellyBebe is designed to help relax your neck and shoulder for a variety of sleeping positions, keeping pressure off. Composed of a single structure, the durability of our JellyBebe is amazing.

It can withstand 200,000 times of pressure without any deformation. 

Your child will also be so intrigued by the formation of it, perhaps acting like it is an additional toy for them. Shhh, it’s a loophole for you parents to rest more! 😉



The benefits of our JellyBebe:

1. Relieves pressure and protects the neck and muscles, allowing the baby to sleep soundly. As the baby sleeps soundly, so will the parents.


  • Relieve head and neck pressure
  • Soft skin-friendly touch
  • TPE elastomer material
  • Ergonomic styling


2. The material of TPE elastomer has been famously dubbed "artificial skin".


  • Soft and delicate
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Skin-friendly 


3. Ergonomic

  • Full support
  • Triple relaxation on baby’s head, neck and shoulders


    4. Refreshing and breathable, rejecting the heat and sweat of the night

    • Full pillow / 1050 grid design
    • Loop design makes it breathable
    • Less prone to sweating 


      5. Scientifically partitioned and designed, enjoy a comfortable sleep

      • Butterfly-shaped high and low pillow design
      • Three-point support: High, middle and low
      • Different pressure relief areas to cope with various sleeping positions


      6. Varied low and high pillow ends
      • Low pillow area: recommended for children with a height of 60-115cm
      • High pillow area: recommended for children with a height of 115cm-160cm

      Side sleeping area -


      Both sides of the pillow are elevated to support the pressure on the shoulders, head and neck, allowing children to sleep soundly without pressure.

      Back sleeping area -


      The groove design in the middle makes a round head shape, critical for maintaining a natural physiological curve (prevents a flat head shape!)

      Neck guard area -

      Bionic arc, in line with the human body turning line, providing support for the neck.


      7. The whole pillow can be washed to prevent the infestation of mites and bacteria.


      • The TPE material is durable and built to withstand washing. Saliva, moss, and perspiration can be quickly washed away. Wash to provide care for the delicate skin of the baby and prevent red spots and itching from the heat.
      • Innovative high-elastic body material, facilitating the healthy development of a child’s cervical spine.
      • Breathable and refreshing, our TPE pillow rejects the heat and sweat of the night.


      Why JellyPillow?

      • JellyPillow is designed for the people who needs quality sleep, and delicate care for the neck.
      • Pressure-less pillow with softness, pressure relief, support, ventilation, safety and durability.
      • Made of cosmetic grade TPE to make it more skin-friendly. It’s non-toxic and harmless making it completey safe to use.


      Product Parameters

      Brand: JellyPillow™

      Pillow core:  100% (Thermoplastic Elastomers) TPE   
      Model: JellyBebe
      Security level: Cosmetic Grade
      Suitable Ages: 1-8 years or anyone who prefers a low wave pillow
      Pillow case: 30% Tencel, 70% Polyester
      Color of Pillow: Purple
      Size: 55cm x 35cm x (4.5cm-6cm)
      Weight: ~1.6Kg   

      Quick User Guide

      1. Take the pillow out.
      2. Grab the side of the pillow with both hands and gently shake it to rebound.
      3. Grab the other side of the pillow with both hands and shake it again to make it fully rebound.
      4. After the pillow has fully rebounded, it’s time to have a good sleep!

      Washing and Care Instructions

      • Hand wash at low temperatures, or wipe the pillow directly with a damp cloth.
      • Pillow should not be used in high temperature environments, such as on electric blankets, steam rooms and so on.
      • The pillow core should not be dried in direct sunlight after washing. It can be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

      Click JellyBebe to order. Don't forget to apply our new product launch code: JellyBebe to enjoy 15% OFF for this month! Let your baby enjoy peaceful nights and sleep tight! 

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